Public Lands and Private Estates: the New Land System

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From around the 10th century, the ancient Ritsuryo system of governance changed in structure, counties within the country were divided up, and hamlets were abolished and newly established, so that administrative changes also occurred in the land system. However, the Ebara County, encompassing the Minato City area, as well as Sakurada-go and Mita-go which were presumed to be within the region, appears to have survived in a form different from how they consisted in ancient times. Also, the Ise Shrine-owned private estate “Ikura no Mikuriya”, with Shiba Daijingu as its tutelary shrine, became part of the Minato City area. It is recorded that, in the midst of the Genpei Wars, Minamoto no Yoritomo offered this area to Ise Shrine.