Expansion of the Edo Clan Branch of the Chichibu Heishi Clan

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According to the “Mera Letters” handed down by Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine, we know that one branch of the Edo Clan lived in Ikura in Minato City, and that the sphere of its power was an area extending from the Sumida River estuary to the south-eastern part of Toshima County and the eastern part of Ebara County, including the Minato City area. Ikura Kumano Shrine is also thought to be associated with the Kumano beliefs of the Edo Clan. From the early Kamakura Period into the Northern and Southern Courts Period, the Minato City area had been ruled by the Edo Clan, a samurai group who controlled Ishihama, the strategic point that determined the outcome of battles, and managed the ferry landings at the Sumida and Tama River estuaries.