The Realities of the Azabu Monks

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Azabusan Zenpukuji Temple of the Honganji School of Jodo Shinshu sect is located in Motoazabu. The main hall is said to have moved from the main hall of Higashi Honganji Temple's Yao Branch in Osaka in 1607 and is a designated cultural property of Minato City. It is said that Shinran stopped over here during the Kamakura period (1192-1333), and Ryokai, the chief priest of the temple, took refuge in the temple and converted from the Shingon Sect to the Jodo Shinshu sect. Since then, the believers of Zenpukuji were called "Azabu Monto". They were very powerful among the Jodo Shinshu sect congregations, which were scattered throughout Japan.