Zojoji Temple and Shogun Family Mausoleums

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The main temple of the Pure Land sect, Zojoji Temple, was moved from Kaizuka (near Kojimachi in Chiyoda City) to Shiba in 1598 for its construction during the early Edo Period. It was a special entity with 1) central function for the training organization of Buddhist priests in the Pure Land sect, 2) function as the general records office with responsibility for conveying orders to Pure Land sect temples from the Shogunate and commissioner of temples and shrines, and 3) function as the Shogun family temple. As the Shogun family temple, the splendid mausoleums, incorporating the best architectural technology and artistic craftmanship of the time, stood in a row north to south as if enclosing the main building of the temple, but they were almost completely burnt down in an air raid of May 1945.