Sino-Japanese War and Russo-Japanese War

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During the Sino-Japanese War and Russo-Japanese War, groups were organized within Minato City area that developed their activities in close collaboration with administrative organizations, and engaged in giving a send-off to soldiers going to war and supporting their bereaved families, mourning the dead from wartime disease and welcoming back and recognizing the services of returning soldiers.
There were four infantry regiment barracks in the city area, but when war broke out, the military requisitioned private homes in the city area as barracks for those called up from various areas who could not be accommodated in the barracks. There were fervent farewells and welcomes along the road from the barracks to Shimbashi Station or Shinagawa Station to mark the departure of these units to or return from battle.
After the Russo-Japanese War, the general populace, dissatisfied with the peace treaty, staged riots in Hibiya, and numerous police boxes in the city area were also destroyed.