Great Kanto Earthquake

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On September 1, 1923, there was a huge earthquake of magnitude 7.9 with its seismic center in Sagami Bay that caused great destruction in Tokyo. It is said that damage to Minato City area was comparatively light, but even so, the dead and missing people through collapsing houses and fires numbered 821, which shows the gravity of this earthquake. Straight after the earthquake, in this city area too, the government and people became one in their activities rescuing numerous victims, distributing food and constructing many communal barracks (temporary housing). Reclaimed land in Shibaura became a major collection center for supply commodities carried by boat, and it became a terminal for those taking refuge in the direction of Kansai by boat due to the stoppage of the Tokaido Line, so served as a focal point for the flow of people and goods. Also, from the evening of September 2, false rumors spread of Korean attacks, and even in this city area, over 250 vigilante groups were organized, with the overreaction becoming an issue.